Our life-style has been changing dramatically since the dawn of new-age. This change brings some good and as well as some bad in to our lives. Even though modern ideas, thoughts and food make our life easier than before, many disadvantages occur to our own health with these modernisations. Most importantly Human health and diet are being badly affected.

Fairplay Wellness, has been set up to overcome many if not all the health and fitness if not wellness related issues of you. Our sole intention is to change your lives by facilitating and guiding right guidance and instructions for better tomorrow. We enrich your health and fitness in order to improve wellness of your life.

Our slogan “Life without a Pill” is very much self-explanatory. You can improve your wellness only by doing right exercises and proper diet. We are not just Health & Fitness or Wellness advisors. We give you right advice, because we are trained and qualified. Fireplay Wellness can be your exercise guru, dietitian, nutritionist or family doctor who describes healthy meals and suitable exercises

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