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Sir Arthur C. Clarke prophesied that Buddhism would fill that thirst for true enlightenment, and become the most popular Religion in the World by the year 2050. If that prophesy is to bear fruit, then all of us have a gigantic task ahead of us requiring the time, energy and resources of every Buddhist in the planet.

To achieve this, it is imperative that we impart these values to the world. To do this in the most cost effective manner, we need to utilize the one technology available to mankind, Television. With this in mind, we are proposing to establish a strictly non political, non controversial Buddhist oriented TV Channel which will ivideompart these values and endeavour to reform man as that important first step.

To reach the maximum coverage,we will have to transmit via Satellite. As you will agree, this is a very ambitious plan and will need huge and continuous funding as we would not be able to generate advertising income in the manner that commercial TV stations do, as our Adverts would naturally have to be conservative in nature. In addition to the obvious transmission costs, a substantial portion would be for the material that would have to be produced for this Channel. Therefore we have decided to transmit initially via streaming media from the internet and later extend this to Satellite transmission.

As this very ambitious project could only be achieved with the support of all concerned citizens, We invite you to extend your support in whatever way you can. Be it in Cash, in equipment, with suitable "Content", in Technical support, or in any other way that you feel is possible. This has already been blessed at the highest levels of the Sri Lankan Govt. while we have been promised their fullest support by the diplomatic missions of all the neighbouring Buddhist countries such as India, Nepal, Thailand etc. With your support, we can once again dream of that land that the Buddha envisaged, a land of peace, contentment and tranquility. We do not think we need to over emphasis the fact that without the support of everyone of you, this project will never see the light of day.

If you would like to help, please respond by sending us an email and we can forward you further details.

May the Blessing of the Triple Gem be with you and guide you always.In Dhamma,
The Management
Dharmavahini Foundation

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