With an illustrious history of over eight decades, with its paintbrushes and decorative products, Harris has enjoyed a long and rapid growth based presence in the Sri Lankan market. Today, it presently stands as the number one paintbrush and decorative products manufacturer. Market intelligence suggests that Harris enjoys the highest demand in the sector so far holding nearly 85% of the market.

Though LG Harris UK manufactured the imported products initially, today, trained and skilled local craftsman manufacture a high quality, exclusive range of products to meet local needs and demands. Harris products being a well-established player in the market that has set very high standards, is constantly monitored and advised by LG Harris UK who constantly assesses standards to ensure that the quality and high standards expected from every single Harris brush is maintained.

The Harris range comprises of 20 different types of brushes, whilst the flagship brand remains the Harris Classic range with its signature red-and-white tipped handle. Other well-known products include Harris Woodcare, No-Loss, Budget, E-zy and a premium range of brushes including Harris ID, T-Class Super and T-Class Definition, amongst others. In 2013, Harris introduced Sri Lanka’s first locally manufactured roller brush to the market. This further strengthened its market position.

Apart from brushes and rollers, Harris offers an extensive array of over 2,000 paint-related products ranging from scrapers of many different sizes to extension poles and other accessories. In addition, the Harris portfolio includes products such as sandpaper, measuring and masking tapes, paint trays and texture-based rollers.

The company ethos embraces a holistic approach that encompasses inspiration, innovation and decoration, which is intrinsically connected to the ultimate brand promise.

With a wide distributor network of over 6,500 medium and large-scale hardware outlets and paint centers’, Harris ensures that its products are easily accessible to its customers around Sri Lanka.

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